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Our Projects

At Surrey Violins & Cellos, we specialize in creating  master violins, violas, and cellos that you can commission. Our instruments are the result of careful craftsmanship, combining tradition and innovation to produce exceptional quality.


When you choose a master violin, viola, or cello from us, you're getting an instrument that's tailored to your musical goals. We use the finest materials and proven techniques, ensuring each instrument is of the highest caliber. From the elegant design to the precise details, our instruments reflect our commitment to excellence.


Whether you're a performer, educator, or collector, a commissioned instrument from Surrey Violins & Cellos is a testament to the beauty of music. Elevate your musical experience with an instrument that's made with skill and dedication, creating harmonious melodies that resonate with your unique sound.


This is a meticulously crafted copy of the renowned Gennaro Gagliano from 1761.

Gennato Galiano 1761

This violin embodies an artistically inspired rendition that pays homage to the esteemed works of del Gesù Guarneri and Nicolò Amati.

Nicola Amati


Antique violin

This violin constitutes a vintage reproduction inspired by a 1692 Andrea Guarneri design. It was meticulously crafted by the esteemed luthier Ram Sathiakumar upon special request.

Address: 4 Beechwood Avenue, Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2PA. Tel - 0208645 9226

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